With the launch of our new brand in 2016, we felt that our website needed to better reflect who Beacon Design is and what we do for our clients!

Beacon Design, a division of the ChemArt Company is located in Lincoln, RI. One of our biggest claims to fame is that we are the exclusive manufacturer of the Annual White House Historical Association ornament. We will be featured along with the White House Historical Association, in an upcoming CBS Sunday Morning segment. We will release the air date of the segment once it is communicated to us, so be sure to check that out.

So, What’s New About Our Website:

  • Simplified Navigation
  • Easy Access to Marketing Tools and Support
  • User Friendly Online Ordering Feature for Our Retail Line
  • More Concise Information About How the Product is Used with Industry Specific Examples
  • Step by Step Guide to Getting Started with a Custom Design
  • New Video Content About the Importance of “Made in the USA”
  • A Showcase of “Other Products” That We Offer
  • Quick Guides that are Download-able by Industry and Can be Printed for Your Board Meeting
  • We Have a Showcase of Packaging Options, Finishes and Design Styles Available

For more information about Beacon Design contact us at marketing@beacondesign.com or to learn more about our Industrial Precision Components Division, ChemTec, contact us at