Though we are just entering the new year, it is never too soon to think about your keepsake or ornament program for 2017.

December is the biggest month for fundraising. Twenty-nine percent of all donations happen within the month, bolstered by #GivingTuesday, the holiday season’s spirit of giving, and year-end tax benefits. However, non-profits and other fundraising organizations should look beyond end-of-year giving to boost their coffers.


  • Promote Your Program Year-Round – Though many people associate ornaments with the Christmas holiday season, the promotion of a keepsake or ornament can – and should – be a year-round fundraising activity. While isolating promotion of an ornament campaign to the fourth quarter can provide a short-term boost in fundraising at the end of the year, the term can also be limiting and cause peaks and valleys in fundraising income.
  • Offer an Annual Collectible – Why reinvent the wheel when it comes to fundraising premiums? Annual keepsakes and ornaments turn donors into sustainers, and give them something to look forward to. Making the premium available year-round keeps you top of mind, not just on top of a Christmas tree.
  • Consider Production Time for Premiums – Though production time on custom design or an updated ornament from Beacon Design’s open line may take two months from start to finish, as a project manager for your organization, you may not be the final decision maker. Plan for time to present the concept to your management team or advisory board – and for approvals throughout the process.
  • Move to Monthly Giving – According to a study by M+R Benchmarks, monthly giving has increased by 24% across all sectors, compared to 18% growth in one-time donations.

In our new eBook, 5 Traits of Successful Fundraising Programs, we will explore these traits, learning from local and national organizations about their best practices in fundraising, and how you can be more successful in the long run.

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