“My whole reason for creating a network is literally to bring little pieces of light. It’s to continue to spread little pieces of light in the world, to illuminate the possibility of the human spirit.”
– Oprah Winfrey

The spirit of Oprah’s sentiment is reflected in your mission to shine a light on your organization and its beneficiaries, literally, as you endeavor to connect with your supporters in a meaningful way throughout the year.
To brighten anyone’s day and night, we are pleased to announce the introduction of Beacon Design’s new  illuminated ornaments. This enhancement features an LED light that is embedded in our custom ornaments, enhancing the beautiful finish and screen printed color at a minimal cost. Your mission and message will stand out, be it as an ornament hanging on a Christmas tree, displayed on a keepsake shelf year-round, or merchandised in your store.

After the White House Historical Association launched its wildly popular 2015 first National Christmas tree ornament honoring President Calvin Coolidge, we received an influx of inquiries about custom illuminated ornaments. Though the Coolidge ornament featured a fixed LED light, we worked with our product development and engineering teams to develop a replaceable light for our ornaments.  The replaceable light lasts approximately 100 hours and can be easily installed. Plus, there is no additional production time for custom illuminated ornaments.

We currently feature fixed LED lights on our Illuminated Christmas Candle* and Illuminated Christmas Lantern*, and plan to launch the replaceable LED light as an option on our open retail line in 2018.

* Replacement LEDs are available for these ornaments in quantities of 25. Please contact a Beacon Design account rep for more information

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