Under the roof of the United States Capitol, Congress has been making the laws that affect our daily lives for over two centuries. The stunning domed building, still housing the legislative branch of the US Federal Government, was completed in 1800. With expansion through the years as well as renovations, the building remains a lively nexus for our legislative leadership as well as a destination for citizens and tourists from around the world.

In 1962 The United States Capitol Historical Society (USCHS) was established to educate the public on the history and the heritage of the US Capitol, its institutions and the people who have served. The idea is to make the knowledge and experience more accessible to the public, to help people understand the inner-workings of congress and its history through a non-partisan lens.

Under another roof in the smallest state of Rhode Island there is a company where a special Christmas ornament is crafted each year to express a part of the story and lore of both the Capitol building and the lawmakers who lead from there. “Made in the USA matters”, said Ron Sarasin, president of the non-profit, “Beacon Design is our partner in designing and manufacturing one of our two annual ornaments. We are pleased that it is also a veteran-owned company.”

United States Capitol 2017 OrnamentThe Beacon Design team of artists craft a design that represents a piece of the Capitol History. Each gold plated ornament is packaged in a custom box, includes a story about what the ornament represents and is numbered as part of being a collectible keepsake. This year they released the 15th design.

The ornament is one item of an entire catalog of products created by the USCHS to commemorate, educate, honor and entertain. There is something special for every history buff and political enthusiast! The success of their unique product line, supports more than 1/3 of the organization’s operating budget.

USCHS works hard to engage and remain front-of-mind. It uses its budget to share information across channels building awareness about the legislative process and the history of the institution and the building itself with a far broader perspective than the current moment in our time.

Active on Social Media their twitter followers get a daily fact about congress with other relevant and interesting information.  Through ongoing tours, publications and programs the USCHS keeps the public engaged and informed.  As any brand needs to capture the attention of the next generation, the USCHS creatively works to spark the imagination of our future leaders with a collaborative program for 8th grade students.

To learn more about the US Capitol Historical Association visit them at https://uschs.org or to purchase their beautifully handcrafted ornament created by @beacondesignusa visit their store.