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Beacon Design features 3 commemorative keepsakes in 2020 in an effort to honor these special events and individuals during this unprecedented year. While no one could predict the type of year 2020 would bring us, the world has come together in more ways than others and these commemorative ornaments will be a reminder for years to come that “We are all in this year together”.

Women’s Right to Vote Keepsake

Beacon Design, like most companies, started 2020 aiming for another amazing year diving into manufacturing our clients’ 2020 custom keepsake programs and launching our 2020 Retail Collection. In January, we introduced our 100th Anniversary Women’s Right to Vote Keepsake to commemorate the historic and groundbreaking passage of the 19th Amendment, guaranteeing and protecting women’s right to vote.

women carrying american flag with red and white stars

Fast-forward to May and we are experiencing what will one day be known as one of the most monumental years in American history. We are living through a global health pandemic, an election year and the fight for racial equality through the Black Lives Matter movement.

This historic anniversary honoring women’s right to vote seems even more prominent now than it did in January. The anniversary is a reminder that we as a nation have fought for decades to do better, to be better, and to be more inclusive of ALL people.  That is what a true democracy is all about!  Through our adversity, we have become a stronger nation, especially when we put aside our differences and stand together!

Graduation Commemorative Keepsake

Several weeks into the COVID-19 outbreak, a term we know far too well now, the reality set in that this pandemic is here to stay for much longer than we had all hoped. Furthermore, lifelong traditions like graduations were about to feel the impact of the current circumstances. As a company, we are feeling incredibly thankful to be considered an essential manufacturer due to our industrial parts division. This means that unlike so many companies around the country, we could remain operational.  As a result, we wanted to do what we do best and create a unique commemorative keepsake for this year’s graduates.

To honor the incredible hard work and accomplishments of the class of 2020 during this unprecedented year, we designed our Graduation Commemorative Keepsake. Knowing these difficult circumstances would give graduates a special sense of camaraderie, we hope this keepsake can help them find solace knowing that they are, “Standing Alone, Together”.

black graduation cap and gown with balloons and sash

Without delay, our amazing clients quickly jumped on board to offer this keepsake to their customers. For this reason, this commemorative ornament is now a top seller,  leaving graduates and their parents with a small token of pride and accomplishment during an unforeseen, but monumental graduation year.

First Responders Commemorative Ornament

With the success of our Women’s Right to Vote and Graduation Keepsakes, it seemed only fitting to continue to adapt to the “new normal” we were facing as a company. For this reason, we set out to design the perfect keepsake to honor our first responders. They remain the true heroes during this pandemic.  The risks they take to keep us safe have not gone unnoticed.

First Responders Angel Wings Metal Ornament

To thank first responders for their sacrifices, courage, devotion, and selflessness, we’ve created our First Responders Commemorative Ornament. Furthermore, honoring our first responders is just the beginning. This year, Beacon Design is giving back to continue to support the efforts of these brave men and women.  For each First Responders piece sold to our clients, we are giving back a portion of the proceeds to Direct Relief. Direct Relief’s COVID-19 Relief funds aid in providing protective gear and critical care medication to public health authorities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses in the U.S. and globally.

Commemorative Keepsakes

We are truly grateful to all of our wonderful clients, both new and old, who have joined us during this difficult time to sell our commemorative keepsakes. Together, we have proven the value of offering a special piece of remembrance to honor perseverance and commitment. All of the products detailed above are 100% handcrafted at our U.S. headquarters located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. They are metal-etched in solid brass, finished in 24kt gold, and digitally printed in vibrant colors. While we sell our product at wholesale prices to organizations and retailers around the country, you can purchase these individually on our partner’s website below.

Women’s Right to Vote Keepsake

2020 Graduation Commemorative Keepsake

First Responders Commemorative Ornament