Becoming Beacon Design


Four decades of customized solutions, of entrenched excellence, of beautiful artistry, and refined engineering. 2016 marked ChemArt’s 40th Anniversary. As we prepared for this important milestone, we began to revisit how we are perceived not only in the marketplace, but internally amongst our staff.

Our company was started in 1976 by a brilliant research chemist, Richard Beaupre. At that time, our name fit who we were. We created customized product with a photo-chemical etching process, using beautiful artwork to drive the process of manufacturing, hence the name ChemArt.

Fast forward to the present day. As we started to think about who we really are, and how we’ve grown over the years, a realization dawned on us. The name ChemArt didn’t convey the right message anymore.

It’s not that our processes have drastically changed. They haven’t. It’s moreso about our message and our cause. We believe in providing a service that spans beyond the exquisite pieces we produce, and we want our name to reflect that larger purpose.

We see ourselves as a guiding force for our clients, partnering with them to create a unique and innovative way to generate revenue, raise funds, increase donor giving levels, thank supporters, commemorate an event/anniversary, and so much more.

With that in mind, we began our transition of branching off into a new division of ChemArt called, drumroll please… Beacon Design.

With the help of Figmints, a marketing firm out of Pawtucket, Rhode Island, we worked to create our new name, brand identity, and website. Of course, changing our name after 40 years came with unique challenges. How do we let people know that we are the same company and that our ownership hasn’t changed? Figmints jumped in and developed a campaign to communicate the name change to our clients, employees, and the media.

It’s important to note that ChemArt isn’t going away. It’s still our main company but now splits into two unique divisions: ChemTec with a focus on the industrial sector and Beacon Design with a focus on our retail and decorative (non-profit) sector.

As Beacon Design embarks on this exciting new journey into the marketplace, we’ll hold onto ChemArt’s history which is woven into the fabric of who we are. Beacon represents the work we do with our clients to build successful annuity programs that last a lifetime.

Our new tagline, Collaborate • Imagine • Engage, speaks to that message. We collaborate with our clients to identify their needs and their vision. We spur their imagination and help them realize this type of program can generate in terms of funds raised, awareness or donor retention. And, to polish it off, we create something that will engage supporters annually.

We’re excited about this transition and thank you for your continued support.

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