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Custom Keepsakes for Years to Come

There are many reasons to give custom brass ornaments as gifts. If you’re a nonprofit organization, these ornaments can be designed so that each is a unique, commemorative token for donors, supporters, volunteers, and more. Just as the work you do is important and memorable, receiving a custom brass ornament as a gift is a… Read more »

Personalization of Keepsakes

Wondering how you can personalize keepsake ornaments to use for fundraising or as donation gifts? For nonprofit organizations who choose to work with Beacon Design for custom ornaments, the sky’s the limit. Brass ornaments can be cut into any shape, and you can even add text like names, dates, or special messages to these custom… Read more »

AHEPA Chapter 438 Uses Custom Keepsakes to Raise Money for Local and National Charities

AHEPA logo

About AHEPA The American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association, or AHEPA, was founded in 1922 in Atlanta, Georgia to help Greek immigrants assimilate to their new life in the United States, as well as protect them from discrimination. In 1969, Chapter 438 was chartered as the “Arlington Virginia Chapter” but the name was soon changed to… Read more »

How to Clean Brass Ornaments

Brass is beautiful — be it personalized brass Christmas ornaments or custom brass ornaments that you keep on display year-round. To keep them in lovely condition, they should be cleaned every so often. Seasonal decorations will need to be cleaned before you present them, and those that you show off all the time can gather… Read more »

How to Market Custom Ornaments

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Custom ornaments can be a great marketing item for a variety of industries. They can not only help you raise revenue, but they can also increase awareness of your organization. Nevertheless, many businesses and organizations are unsure of how best to market their custom ornament. Simply displaying them on your site and expecting people to… Read more »

Industries That Benefit from Selling Custom Keepsakes

Texas State University with Building Ornament

Handcrafted, custom keepsakes can benefit nearly every industry. From religious organizations to historical museums, each industry can use custom keepsakes to generate revenue, thank those that support them and commemorate special events or anniversaries. Creating a new design each year will turn your supporters into annual collectors solidifying their support for years to come. Here… Read more »