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Highly Effective Ideas for Get to Know Your Customer Day

Understanding your customer results in improved loyalty, successful marketing, and refined solutions. If your organization is looking to strengthen its foundation, this business holiday is right around the corner.

Traditions Behind the Ornament

For so many people, Christmas ornaments are a big tradition. They are a timeless tradition that can take a lot of forms, but despite the different variations, one thing is universal: people love these traditions because it’s all about making and preserving memories. Each year, when the Christmas decorations come out of storage, families get… Read more »

Donor Engagement Tips & Tricks on Social Media

Like any other marketing program, social media is an essential component for every fundraising campaign. And when it comes to engaging donors and patrons, meaningful content that is relevant to your target audience is essential to your success. “Social is a big part of our campaign,” said Suzanne Crane, Assistant Director, Corporate Partnerships at The Jimmy… Read more »