Dana-Farber’s Cancer Institute Annual Ornaments

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Since 2003, Dana-Farber and Beacon Design have been partnering together to create annual ornaments for fundraising. I recently spoke with Suzanne Crane, Senior Assistant Director, Corporate Partnerships of Dana-Farber Institute and the Jimmy Fund. Suzanne helped to explain the impact of giving to the organization and the powerful difference it can make in the fight against cancer. Beacon Design is extremely proud that the ornaments we help Suzanne create each year help to make a difference.

Founded in 1947, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute has become a world leader in cancer research and treatment. Dana-Farber provides the best treatment available today to both adults and children with cancer. Equally important, in 1948, the Jimmy Fund was founded. As Suzanne explained, the Jimmy Fund is the main fundraising arm for Dana-Farber and is the grass roots of the organization. They solely support the fight against cancer and have raised millions of dollars to help save lives and give hope to patients around the world.

For the past 12 years, Suzanne has been working with Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund. She shared that she had been looking for a new opportunity and something that would feel more meaningful. Suzanne says that the mission of her organization is by far the most rewarding part of her job. Although, no matter how hard they work there is still so much more hope and progress needed for cancer research.

Teaming Up To Create Dana-Farber’s Annual Ornaments

Each year, we team up with Suzanne to help assist her in creating their annual ornament program.  While the designs are always different, donors can count on a new Dana-Farber Patriots and Jimmy Fund Red Sox ornament every year. Suzanne said that some years she has a particular idea for the ornaments, but as our partnership has progressed over the years, we have taken the ideas to her. In addition, in the event that either team is in the championships it is a must that a championship ornament is created.

Suzanne explains that each year around the holidays, Dana-Farber offers a holiday program, called Holiday Cards and Gifts. This gives donors the opportunity to purchase the ornaments from Dana-Farber and the Jimmy Fund’s holiday collection. Their annual holiday collection includes a variety of products and 100% of the proceeds come back to Dana-Farber cancer research. The annual ornaments have become a great source of revenue and in 2018, the World Championship Red Sox ornament raised close to $75,000.

Suzanne shares that she appreciates the excellent pricing Beacon Design always offers her. In addition, she says her experience has been “really amazing and everyone has always been very accommodating and accessible”. She continues by saying her relationship with her account manager has always been very positive.

Dana-Farber’s Annual Ornament Future

For 17 consecutive years, Dana-Farber has ranked as a top cancer hospital in New England. Suzanne admits her number one challenge is of course that cancer isn’t cured yet. Going forward, she plans on continuing the annual ornament program with Beacon Design. The ornaments have become an important staple in the holiday collection and continue to help make donors into collectors each year.

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