Civic Ornaments

Rescues, Fire Stations, Police Stations, Veterans Posts, Civic Leagues, Local Service Clubs, Fraternal Societies, and more!

For over four decades, civic organizations across the U.S. have been creating custom keepsake programs that help to raise funds to preserve, enhance, and plan for the general welfare, safety, and civic spirit of their community. They use their custom keepsakes not only to raise funds and increase donations, but to raise awareness, commemorate special events or anniversaries, and to thank their donors, employees, and volunteers. Each year, these organizations return to create a new annual keepsake program by creating another meaningful design that helps them to highlight what’s unique about their organization. These annuity programs have ultimately helped organizations to build annual collectors who continue to support their mission year after year.

We have the honor of partnering with both big and small organizations each year. Here are just a few you may be familiar with: Boston Firefighters Burn Foundation, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, Purcellville Volunteer Fire Company, Michigan State Police, Rhode Island State Police, American Legion Veteran’s Post Johnstown, Florida Highway Patrol, and so many more!