President Lincolns Cottage Ornament

Historical Societies & Preservation Groups

For over four decades, historic organizations across the U.S. have been partnering with us to create unique, metal-etched custom keepsakes. Historic organizations use their custom keepsake programs to raise funds for preserving buildings, artifacts, and environments from the past, that connect us to our history. Many of our historic partners also use funds raised for educational purposes. These resources provide visitors with a detailed look into the history of the organization’s mission. In addition to increasing funds, these organizations are able to raise awareness, commemorate special events or anniversaries, and to thanks their donors, employees, and volunteers. Each year, organizations return to create a new annual keepsake program by creating another meaningful design that helps them to highlight what’s unique about their organization. These annuity programs have ultimately helped these organizations to build annual collectors who continue to support their mission year after year.

We have the honor of partnering with hundreds of both big and small historic organizations each year. The White House Historical Association is one of our greatest success stories, selling close to a million ornaments annually! Since 1981, their annual ornament has raised millions of dollars to help educate the public and to aid in the restoration and preservation of the White House.

Here are just a few more you may be familiar with: U.S. Capitol Historical Association, Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island Foundation, Cheyenne Historic Preservation Board, General Society of Mayflower Descendant, Oak Alley Plantation, and so many more!