Why Purchase from A Brand That’s Made in America

           Made in America is an important attribute to the market. Many customers prefer knowing where their products come from, supporting the American based company, and the overall economy of the nation.

The Importance of USA Made

Purchasing from a company that is American Made can assist in boosting the American economy. Spending money on a product that is Made in America keeps the money in the country. America is a country that imports more than it exports, which causes us to increase debts and trade deficits and leads to unsustainable borrowing. When the consumer purchases from an American Made company that increases the demand for those domestic products and the reliance on domestic supply chains. That reduces the dollars spent on foreign-made goods, which in turn increases the amount of money that stays in America. All of which help the American economy.

When you purchase from an American Made company, you’re ensuring the production sustainability. The United States has specific environmental regulations for manufacturers, but many other countries don’t hold the same regulations. Beacon Design hires a Director of Environment, Health, and Safety that ensures that all policies are following environmental and safety procedures passed down by the FTC and OSHA. That includes anything from cleaner manufacturing practices to safer labor laws, American Made products are a lot more responsible.

In addition to safer environmental practices, American Made companies need to follow safer labor laws as well. That includes safe conditions in the workplace, child labor laws, and specific OSHA regulations. “Beacon Design by ChemArt is a company with a commitment to safety and health. One of our top priorities are to be in compliance with all regulatory agencies (i.e. OSHA, EPA, RIDEM, Homeland Security, Narragansett Bay Commission, etc). A Safety Committee is held monthly to achieve our safety goals and minimize safety hazards in the workplace”, said Alfred Silva, the Director of Human Resources and Environment, Safety, and Health. Beacon Design has developed and maintained a full “Safety Program” with specific protocols that are constantly improved when needed.

Shipping, Costs, and Standards

The economy is boosted by the number of Americans that are working, so purchasing products that are American Made helps in a full circle way. Additional sales create more of a demand which increases the number of people that the company needs to employ. When manufacturing moves from the United States to another country, it rarely returns to the United States, which means that those jobs will also never return. Supporting an American Made company means you’re supporting those jobs as well, which in turn helps to keep the jobs on American soil, and contributes to a living and fair wage in the United States. Beacon Design uses geographical location as a primary factor in pay rates and to develop salary ranges. All employees are paid well above minimum wage which helps the loyalty of our employees to bring our customers the best product possible, as well as the economy.

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, the United States has seen issues with shipping delays and increased costs due to people being out sick or quitting work altogether. The pandemic has affected the global supply chains and shipping prices are also reflecting that. Many customers are seeing long shipping delays and astronomical increases if manufactured and shipped internationally, but the domestic customers aren’t seeing as many issues.

           On top of all of the things that purchasing from an American Made brand can do from an environment, safety, and economic perspective, there are things that it can do for you and your organization as well. Purchasing an American Made product helps with the quality of the item as well. Due to the workers, standards, and regulations, American Made quality is higher than other countries. Beacon Design has adopted high standards for its quality assurance, our engineers test quality assurance often, and since our product is handcrafted, it shows the delicacy and time we take to ensure the quality of the product.

Beacon Design by ChemArt

           Beacon Design is a company that manufacturers ornament keepsakes for nonprofits, museums, Government, retail shops, and many other industries. We design and produce these ornaments in our facility located in Lincoln, Rhode Island. All parts of the process, design, production, and assembly, are conducted in our facility, we are Made in America. Quality is an important piece of products Made in America, but that’s just one of the reasons that our customers keep coming back year after year. They know that the quality of the product that we produce is better than anything that may be purchased elsewhere.

           American Made is important for the customer and the product they’re receiving, but it’s also promoting America’s independence. Supporting American-made businesses will also support future business advancements, whether it be in the business, additional quality assurance, environmental and safety precautions, and more. Whether you’re buying a custom ornament or an appliance, support American Made so you can ensure the quality and reliability of your product, while supporting your country as a whole. Even though it may come with a bigger price tag, the benefits are well worth that, that’s why many customers look for products labeled Made in the USA.