Ornaments & Custom Keepsakes for Nonprofit

If you’re a nonprofit organization, then chances are you’re looking for ways to raise funds or thank your donors. Custom keepsakes are ideal for generating revenue, commemorating special events and anniversaries, building lifelong collectors, and more. So what sort of keepsakes should you make?

Ornaments are a timeless favorite not only because they’re long-lasting enough that recipients will enjoy them for years to come but also because you can fully customize them with your logos, seals, buildings, or other custom artwork.

Let’s take a closer look at why ornaments make the perfect nonprofit gifts:

Why Do Ornaments Make a Great Nonprofit Gift?

There are lots of reasons why nonprofits turn to ornaments as donor and fundraising gifts. Custom-crafted ornaments are beautiful, for one thing. They’re available in lots of different designs, so you can give something different each year if you so wish.

For nonprofits, the biggest part of the mission is to put donor and fundraiser dollars to good use — and that means making that money work to help the people your organization is founded around.

While it’s nice to reward your supporters, it’s best to keep those rewards relatively inexpensive so that more of your funds go toward your mission. This is another great thing about ornaments for nonprofits. Depending on your designs, custom ornaments can be a relatively inexpensive way to say thank you.

Another great reason to create nonprofit keepsakes is that they’re available to suit any industry you can think of. Whether you’re part of a religious or veteran’s organization, museum board, or some other institution, you’ll be able to create designs to suit your organization and craft something truly custom!

Giving a Collectible Gift

As a nonprofit, you want donors and supporters to keep coming back year after year in support of your cause. Giving a collectible gift is a great way to encourage repeat donations. Some people make it a tradition with their favorite nonprofit organizations, donating each year so they can add another beautiful ornament to their collection.

That’s why it’s important to make sure each ornament carries the date and your organization’s name. People will make it a tradition to come back to you year after year, for more beautiful and unique custom ornaments.

Giving limited edition ornaments to donors and volunteers is also a great way to show your supporters a sense of pride for their donations. Catching a glimpse of the decoration brings back memories of the occasion, creating a feel-good moment for the person who lent you their support. That’s another reason why nonprofit ornaments are collectible — because those who have earned them get to reflect on their contribution for years to come!

Customizing Ornaments for All Nonprofit Organizations

One of the reasons that ornaments make ideal keepsakes for nonprofits is that they are highly customizable, and you can choose the level of customization based on your needs and budget.

At the simplified end of decorating, you can choose an ornament featuring your favorite design. From there, add custom text, your organization’s name, the date, or anything else that personalizes the ornament and makes it into a poignant gift.

Beyond that, companies like Beacon Design allow you to customize an ornament, complete with your personal design. Working with a sales executive, you can submit your own artwork and have it converted into an ornament.

Here, you’ll have options:

  • Create a flat, 2D, or 3D ornament depending on the style you prefer.
  • Choose from various finishes like hand lacquered brass, rhodium silver, or 24kt gold.
  • Add any custom text you might like, such as a slogan, your organization’s name, the date, or something else memorable.
  • Choose your packaging, which can be anything from simple shipping packaging if you plan to box the ornaments yourself, to custom gift boxes. You can also add custom brochure inserts!

When working with a professional ornament design company, the artwork you provide and the details you specify will be sent to the team, who will create the design and then send it to you for approval. Once approved, production begins! At Beacon Design, this process takes between six to eight weeks, start to finish.

Choose Beacon Design for Custom Nonprofit Keepsakes

As you can see, where customization is concerned, the options are virtually limitless. Choose your level of customization based on your budget and what you want your gift to say to your supporters.

Ornaments are the perfect way for nonprofit organizations to say thank you. Not only can they be completely personalized to fit your organization’s message or to commemorate an event, but they’re a collectible that your supporters will take pride in saving. They make great gifts for donations, volunteer work, sponsors, and more.

It’s the people contributing time, work, and money who drive the missions that nonprofits pursue — and custom ornaments are a great way to give something back for their service. For more information on custom nonprofit keepsakes from Beacon Design, contact us today!