6 Practical and Effective Fundraising Tips for Non-Profits to Upgrade Your Performance

Plan for Success

When setting goals for your non-profit, being realistic is key. Set clear and concise goals that are realistic, measurable, and timed – and then build momentum. If the financial needs of your organization increase, don’t worry, you can increase your fundraising goal. 

Inspire Your Donors with Compelling Visual Content

High-quality visual content is an effective way to engage patrons and potential patrons. On social media, visual content is the hook, a way to get people to stop scrolling and show support. Bring those interested in your organization on the journey with you using great visual content. Sharing meaningful photos, videos, and materials compels people to invest time into your organization. Let them see the day to day, the work that is put in, and the stories that come from it.

Create Your Community

Your community is essential to the success of your organization, as they support and advocate for you. Don’t be afraid to get personal with them. Share your own story about why you are personally connected to the cause, as well as the stories of your fundraising team. Build a relationship with your donors and put a face to the organization. Use hashtags and participate in relevant trends to spread the word – don’t be afraid to have fun! You’re human, just like your patrons, and they will trust you even more once they develop this personal connection. Use a call to action, including links and resources in your posts to inform the community on how to support the issues they care about.

Be Transparent

When communicating to your community, transparency is essential. Provide a cost breakdown of how their contribution will be spent. Listen to their concerns and ideas. Let them know how everything is going – challenges, wins, and setbacks. If you share a setback, let them know how you can address it, what you may need, and how they are helping! Remember that repeat contributors are essential to your organization, and obtaining a new donor is much harder than keeping one that is already invested in your cause. Being open with them cultivates the trust and confidence they need to keep them supporting your organization.

Publicly Give Thanks

Gratitude is key. Show your patrons how their contribution makes a difference and express your appreciation. When you celebrate the wins they made possible, and thank them for their charity, donors feel the appreciation which in turn promotes loyalty and increases likelihood of reoccurring donations. “This is all thanks to you” goes a long way.

Use Custom Keepsakes to Mark Loyalty

A custom keepsake is a great way to help meet your fundraising goal while giving donors a physical token of their charity for years to come. Personalized ornaments are treasured and kept indefinitely, so you can be sure your non-profit will be on their mind and something they look back at during some of the most special moments in their life. Annual ornaments encourage donations yearly, letting you cultivate a keepsake collection for patrons to participate in to commemorate their dedication to your cause. Celebrating special projects and events through a keepsake are also a great way to help donors memorialize their contribution towards your organization’s goals and milestones. You can build trust and community by giving them as a gift for certain donor levels. A customized ornament showcases your mission, values, and accomplishments through a visual element that will be cherished for years to come, and is a great addition to any organization’s programs.

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