SUCCESS STORY – The Jimmy Fund/Dana Farber

“The Beacon Design program provided a new revenue stream for us. It brought new people into the fold that might not have otherwise been donors.”
David Giagrando

Director of Cause Marketing, The Jimmy Fund

As the official charitable organization for the Boston Red Sox, The Jimmy Fund enjoyed the fun and frenzy of the World Series victory in 2004. In honor of the historical event and after receiving inquiries from Red Sox fans and collectors, the Jimmy Fund decided to create a World Series ornament. Having partnered with The Jimmy Fund the previous year, Beacon Design’s team turned around the ornaments very quickly. The limited edition, handcrafted ornament was 24K gold‐plated and featured the saying, “From Cursed to First.”

The Jimmy Fund used an integrated approach to promote the collectible‐including email marketing, direct mail and donor newsletter advertisements. They were also able to partner with a retailer to sell them on consignment. One of the key benefits of the program was the breadth of reach it generated for The Fund. Based on its success The Jimmy Fund began a new annual ornament with the New England Patriots in 2005, and continues to run both collections every year. Since the series began in 2004, the Jimmy Fund has raised tens of thousands of dollars for their programs.

The Jimmy Fund supports the fight against cancer at Dana‐Farber Cancer Institute, helping to raise the chances of survival for children and adults with cancer around the world. Since its inception in 1948, The Jimmy Fund has raised over $350 million.

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