Special Olympics RI Receives Donation of Ornaments

(From left to right, Dennis DeJesus, Special Olympics RI CEO, and Michael Lucca, Special Olympics Athlete)

About Special Olympics RI

The Special Olympics is a well-known nonprofit organization that holds a global name for its active, health-driven specific programs in many regions and states. The organization was first opened on July 20, 1968, and started with just 1,000 athletes from three countries. The Special Olympics Rhode Island organization is located in Smithfield, RI and now it provides over 1,600 year-round sports training and athletic competition opportunities to more than 4,000 children and adults with intellectual disabilities. It is a non-profit organization, meaning that donations are most important to raise the funds necessary. The opportunities that the Special Olympics Rhode Island program offers to children and adults with intellectual disabilities are all-encompassing. The organization helps to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy, and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympics athletes, and the community.

Special Olympics RI Vision and Goals

Special Olympics envisions a world where people with intellectual disabilities lead healthy, vibrant lives grounded in ongoing sports and physical activities, sound nutrition and a deeply held commitment to improve, compete, achieve and demonstrate their personal bests to themselves and their communities. The power of sports can be extremely helpful for people with intellectual disabilities to find new strengths and abilities, skills and success within themselves. Not only does the Special Olympics help the athlete improve and compete in different ways, but it helps to increase inclusion by bringing people together by offering all types of special trainings, classes, as well as competitiveness and fun in sports. The organization located in Smithfield, RI uses the facility in a variety of ways, from playing yard games and being with other people, to attending trainings or classes in their training room.

Donation to Special Olympics

Beacon Design has been working with nonprofits for over 45 years, helping them to create unique custom keepsakes that are perfect for fundraising, donor gifts, commemoration and so much more.  In addition to creating custom product, Beacon Design also has an open line of items that are sold into a variety of retailers, destination stores, e-commerce platforms, etc.  Our founder Richard Beaupre, set the tone for the company with his philanthropic initiatives and after he passed away, his three sons continued the tradition of Beacon Giving Back!

This year Beacon Design donated 3500 ornaments to The Special Olympics Rhode Island! “Doing good in the community is so important to the team at Beacon Design.”, said Ana Lopes, VP of Sales and Marketing, “…from participating in neighborhood clean-up efforts to supporting local organizations who do important and impactful work, donating these ornaments to the Special Olympics, was a no-brainer!”  Special Olympics Rhode Island will be able to use the donated product at events, sell online, or offer to donors who donate a certain amount, although they’re not limited to just that. The goal of the donation was to assist a great local non-profit, by giving them products that will increase funds or donations! With the current state of the world and the global pandemic, now more than ever, it’s important to remember what matters and helping one another for the greater good, is as good as it gets!

Image from Special Olympics RI Facebook Page

Celebrating Special Olympics RI

Since we help nonprofit organizations in increasing funds for their organization through ornament sales and annual programs. Finding a Rhode Island based organization that we strongly believe in to donate to was important for us. It was essential that the impact of the donation would weigh well to the organization and that we connect with their mission statement and values. Given that we’ve worked with several of the Special Olympics organizations locally and internationally, it was obvious to connect with such an important and transformative organization. Especially one that helps intellectually disabled people tackle inactivity, intolerance, isolation and injustice that people may face in the world.

“Thanks to everyone at Beacon Design for your generous contribution of over 3,500 ornaments to Special Olympics Rhode Island. Your donation comes at a critical time as we all adjust to fundraising safely during this pandemic.” Dennis DeJesus, Special Olympic RI’s CEO said, “Sharing these beautiful ornaments by our local artisans is bringing a source of joy in uncertain times, and also supporting the life-changing programs we offer. On behalf of the over 4,000 Rhode Island athletes we serve, thank you”. Whether you’re attending an event, volunteering, or looking for a charitable organization to donate to, Special Olympics RI is a very worthy nonprofit organization. The help and support that they provide is essential to the community and those with intellectual disabilities.