Spirit of Liberty Foundation Receives Donation of Ornaments

About Spirit of Liberty Foundation

The Spirit of Liberty Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was originally formed to raise funds to assist in restoring and maintaining the Statue of Liberty as well as Ellis Island. The foundation became the Spirit of Liberty Foundation in 2005, reflecting their new broader mission. This new mission was created to include supporting our Armed Forces, America’s Heroes. In 2016, the mission was expanded again to introduce American Warrior Brands and in the following year, the organization added to its mission to honor and support First Responders. “Honoring America’s Heroes: Our Armed Forces and First Responders” is the current mission statement of the Spirit of Liberty Foundation. The idea of growing the mission statement was to be more inclusive of Americans and those that risk their lives inside and outside of our borders. Since the growth of the mission, the organization has shown the growth through its missions to help as well.

Some of the projects that the Spirit of Liberty Foundation has worked on include ceremonial Memorial Day salutes, Operation Christmas Miracle, America’s Freedom Bell, and many more. All of which are to help to honor and assist the Armed Forces and First Responders, living up to their mission entirely. Recently the foundation had created an operation called Operation Lifting Spirits. It allowed the foundation to create a magical second Christmas to remember for those that lost their homes in the Boulder, Colorado fire a few days after Christmas. The event held on March 9, 2022, had included a lighting ceremony with the Mayor, Santa, Mrs. Claus, Elves and the Grinch. While they hosted the lighting ceremony, they paid tribute and thanked all First Responders, National Guard, Police, Firefighters, Sheriff, as well as the families for their service during the fire.

Donation to the Spirit of Liberty Foundation

The Spirit of Liberty Foundation Chairman, Richard Rovsek, reached out to Beacon Design to talk about donating to Operation Lifting Spirits. The event would give the over 1,000 devasted families that lost their homes a second Christmas to remember by providing a festive event and some ornaments to start their new collection. The foundation had worked with several churches around the Boulder area to help collect Christmas ornaments. They collected these ornaments from private donors and large companies, like Beacon Design. The ultimate goal of the event was to collect at least 200,000 ornaments in 30 days.

Beacon Design has partnered with non-profits across the US for over 45 years to help them develop their own custom ornament programs to raise funds.  “The experience and exposure we have gotten from working with the amazing people in the non-profit sector, has given us a whole new level of respect and understanding for the challenges non-profits face on a daily basis.  We understand the importance of raising funds and how one act of kindness can impact the lives of so many, so giving back in addition to supporting the organizations we work with, is a top priority at Beacon Design.”, said Ana Lopes, VP of Sales and Marketing.  Beacon was able to donate over 3500 ornaments across various categories to support the Spirt of Liberty Foundation’s mission; a mission, near and dear to our hearts as we were founded by a US Navy Veteran.  Seeing the impact that our ornaments can have in the community and organizations we partner with, is what it is all about!       

(Photos from The Spirit of Liberty Foundation)