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Custom Keepsakes for Years to Come

There are many reasons to give custom brass ornaments as gifts. If you’re a nonprofit organization, these ornaments can be designed so that each is a unique, commemorative token for donors, supporters, volunteers, and more. Just as the work you do is important and memorable, receiving a custom brass ornament as a gift is a… Read more »

Ornament Fundraiser Ideas

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking for a fundraiser idea, consider custom keepsakes. Brass ornaments make truly unique gifts for nonprofit donations, and they’re something that people will enjoy for years to come. If you plan to start an annual fundraising tradition, ornaments can become collectible keepsakes that recipients will strive to earn each year…. Read more »

Traditions Behind the Ornament

For so many people, Christmas ornaments are a big tradition. They are a timeless tradition that can take a lot of forms, but despite the different variations, one thing is universal: people love these traditions because it’s all about making and preserving memories. Each year, when the Christmas decorations come out of storage, families get… Read more »