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Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival Promotes the County and Preserves the Local Bridges by Custom Keepsake Sales

About Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival The Ashtabula County Covered Bridge Festival is a family-oriented festival founded in 1985 and occurs each year to promote the county, help preserve the bridges, and educate the public. The festival happens on the 2nd weekend in October and brings in people from all over the United States! The… Read more »

Overcoming Nonprofit Challenges

Nonprofits face many challenges that make it difficult to connect with new donors and retain or engage, existing donors.  Creating a relatable mission statement is the first step towards strengthening that bond.  People need to feel a connection to who they are supporting, so your mission statement is crucial.  In addition, you have to then… Read more »

Why Purchase from A Brand That’s Made in America

           Made in America is an important attribute to the market. Many customers prefer knowing where their products come from, supporting the American based company, and the overall economy of the nation. The Importance of USA Made Purchasing from a company that is American Made can assist in boosting the American economy. Spending money on… Read more »

Spirit of Liberty Foundation Receives Donation of Ornaments

About Spirit of Liberty Foundation The Spirit of Liberty Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was originally formed to raise funds to assist in restoring and maintaining the Statue of Liberty as well as Ellis Island. The foundation became the Spirit of Liberty Foundation in 2005, reflecting their new broader mission. This new mission was… Read more »

Friends of Honolulu City Lights Uses Custom Keepsakes to Raise Money for the annual free month-long December celebration

About Friends of Honolulu City Lights The Friends of Honolulu City Lights, a local non-profit organization, dedicates its support to the City and County of Honolulu. The organization maintains the quality and continuity of the annual free month-long December celebration through fundraising and coordination. Mayor Frank F. Fasi created a free event that included a… Read more »

Custom Keepsakes for Years to Come

There are many reasons to give custom brass ornaments as gifts. If you’re a nonprofit organization, these ornaments can be designed so that each is a unique, commemorative token for donors, supporters, volunteers, and more. Just as the work you do is important and memorable, receiving a custom brass ornament as a gift is a… Read more »

Ornament Fundraiser Ideas

If you’re a nonprofit organization looking for a fundraiser idea, consider custom keepsakes. Brass ornaments make truly unique gifts for nonprofit donations, and they’re something that people will enjoy for years to come. If you plan to start an annual fundraising tradition, ornaments can become collectible keepsakes that recipients will strive to earn each year…. Read more »

Traditions Behind the Ornament

For so many people, Christmas ornaments are a big tradition. They are a timeless tradition that can take a lot of forms, but despite the different variations, one thing is universal: people love these traditions because it’s all about making and preserving memories. Each year, when the Christmas decorations come out of storage, families get… Read more »

Personalization of Keepsakes

Wondering how you can personalize keepsake ornaments to use for fundraising or as donation gifts? For nonprofit organizations who choose to work with Beacon Design for custom ornaments, the sky’s the limit. Brass ornaments can be cut into any shape, and you can even add text like names, dates, or special messages to these custom… Read more »

Operation Stand Down RI Receives Donation of Ornaments

About Operation Stand Down RI            Operation Stand Down RI is a well-known nonprofit organization around the state of Rhode Island that helps by providing specific services to homeless and at-risk veterans. The organization was founded at their headquarters in Johnston, RI in 1993 and has partnered with many services and companies around the state of… Read more »