Custom Keepsakes for Years to Come

There are many reasons to give custom brass ornaments as gifts. If you’re a nonprofit organization, these ornaments can be designed so that each is a unique, commemorative token for donors, supporters, volunteers, and more. Just as the work you do is important and memorable, receiving a custom brass ornament as a gift is a memorable and special experience, as well. 

Here are a few other reasons why these custom keepsakes always make for a special gift!

Infinite Customization Options

One of the best reasons to gift brass ornaments is because they are infinitely customizable — and that means you can design them to reflect any and all of your organization’s notable accomplishments for the year. You can even customize them to feature personal achievements with special messages that commemorate these milestones. 

For instance, if you made strides on a new building project or designed a new town park, you can create a colorful brass ornament featuring this work. These ornaments can also be customized to include your nonprofit’s logo, or can even feature text signifying something special to your organization, like your mission statement. 

Also consider commemorating names, dates, or specific locations that are meaningful to recipients. Personalized gifts that feature names and a heartwarming message that demonstrates gratitude for their time, dedication, or service. No matter what you choose, custom brass ornaments allow for a lot of creativity. The little details are what makes this a memorable gift that lasts a lifetime.

Brass Lasts Forever

The best thing about custom brass ornaments is that they are made to last. This is why custom brass ornaments are the perfect way to honor things like family traditions, because they can be passed down for decades or generations to come. Ornaments are also often handed down as heirlooms, so they can be cherished by your family forever. This is  special because each generation will be able to remember the things that their forebears contributed while continuing to add to the collection through their contributions and charitable works.

It’s even more special when your ornaments are customized with dates or perhaps a donor’s accomplishments or their specific donation levels. These details serve as permanent pieces of family history, unlike paper or digital records that can become lost or destroyed with time. Think of it as helping to create a small part of a family’s genealogical record that can be appreciated for years to come.

You Can Create a Yearly Giving Tradition

Speaking of traditions, there are many people out there who love collecting ornaments — and often, these people enjoy receiving a new special ornament each year. For many, this is a big part of annual holiday traditions and something to look forward to. Often, you’ll find that people who collect ornaments especially enjoy receiving them from organizations they support. It’s a great way for them to look back at their accomplishments not only over the past year but for previous years, as well. 

Create ornaments to commemorate milestones that your nonprofit achieved that year as an anniversary gift or to thank donors and volunteers for their contributions – the possibilities are endless! You’ll find that many of your recipients will look forward to new ornaments each year — and often, they’ll be asking what the new design will be or even offer suggestions for designs they’d love to see in the future. Make ornaments a part of your organization’s yearly traditions and give your recipients something really special to anticipate. 

Something to Strive For

Custom ornaments are a popular gift for donors, and with good reason. You can create ornaments specific to varying donor levels — like bronze, silver, gold, and platinum — and then set a dollar amount for each of these levels. Donors already feel good when they make charitable contributions, but receiving recognition for those contributions feels even better.

Plus, organizing your donor gifts by dollar amounts gives people something to strive for. If this year people are proud to reach the silver tier, next year, they’ll be enthusiastic and motivated to reach the gold tier!

Commemorate Special Events

In a way, you can think of brass ornaments similarly to how you would think of a trophy — but ornaments are smaller and easier to collect and display. Either way, you can use them to commemorate special events. Give them out as awards when you’re hosting a contest of some type, or if your organization holds a special event, create an ornament with that theme in mind.

For instance, you might want to create ornaments for special donor dinners as a thank you. Or, during ribbon-cutting ceremonies or grand opening events, you can give your volunteers a custom brass keepsake to honor the hard work that brought the project to fruition.

Veterans’ organizations, public service organizations, and even governmental agencies often use custom brass ornaments to commemorate important historical events. If you’re in any of these lines of work, think about major past milestones, historic battles, or times in the past when members of your organization had to go above and beyond for the community. These are the moments in time that are best commemorated each year with special anniversary ornaments.

Ornaments Are a Special Experience for Recipients

There is a lot you can do with custom brass ornaments — not just in terms of design, but in sentimental meaning, too. Customize them to reflect donations, volunteer efforts, or special events. Feature special messages and designs that will have a deep meaning to recipients. No matter what you choose, take care when creating your design because these ornaments will be cherished for years to come!