Fill out the form to get set up with one of our amazing sales representatives! They’ll walk you through the four steps of the custom keepsake process and will help you even after the sale is completed!

The three important things you’ll focus on in the first step are your design ideas, budget, and timeframe.

Once we have established your design needs, budget and timeframe, that is when the fun starts! Your representative will assist you in choosing the following, all while staying within your budget;




Based on all of your decisions, our fabulous design team gets started to design your custom keepsake. Once the design is complete, it’s forwarded to you for approval.

After your design is fully approved it is sent to production where the hand craftsmanship begins!

Each piece is produced via a multi step process, then is assembled by hand, packaged and shipped to you from our facility in Lincoln, RI.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We are committed to your success and our marketing team is here to help! We have proven techniques that have helped to maximize the potential of your annual ornament program.

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Why do our customers shop with us year over year instead of the competition?

Customer satisfaction and attention to detail.