Apollo 14 & Apollo Mission Keepsake Series | Commemorative Keepsakes

Introducing the Limited-Edition Apollo Keepsake Series Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo 14 Mission & the Apollo Program

Apollo 14 and Apollo Mission Keepsake Series

On April 8th, 2021, Beacon Design by Chemart launched the Apollo 14 Keepsake Series which commemorates the 50th anniversary of the 3rd moon landing! As America’s leading ornament manufacturer, 100% Made in America, we are proud to introduce this monumental keepsake on the anniversary year of this historic event.

The Apollo 14 Mission

On January 31st, 1971, Apollo 14 which carried three astronauts launched from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. That expedition would be just the eighth crewed Apollo mission, the third to the land on the moon, and the first to land in the lunar highlands. Apollo 14 landed on the moon on February 5th, 1971, about 30 miles North of the Fra Mauro crater. While docked, two of the three astronauts walked on the moon. Overall, Apollo 14’s trip lasted nine days two minutes, and orbited the Moon 34 times (1,150,321 miles!) before returning to Earth on February 9th, 1971. The crew returned safely after landing near Samoa in the Pacific Ocean. Apollo 14 was one of the most successful lunar missions at the time. Not only was it the third successful human landing, but it completed a long list of experiments, more than any other mission at the time. The crew also collected and brought 94 pounds of lunar samples back to Earth. Once returned to Earth, the Apollo 14 lunar samples were held at the Johnson Space Center. The Apollo 14 mission was an essential one especially after the failed mission of Apollo 13. Not only did Apollo 14 succeed, but it achieved a list of objections creating accomplishments that no other mission had completed at the time.

The Apollo Program

In 1959 the Soviet Union made its first touch on the Moon causing President John F. Kennedy to put pressure on the race to the moon. The President announced in 1961 that NASA should commit to achieving a lunar landing by the end of the decade. NASA achieved that challenge with Apollo 11 and continued the program and further explorations and experiments until 1972.

The Apollo program started in 1961 with several uncrewed test missions. However, in 1968 several missions had launched and spent several days in orbit, like Apollo 7, Apollo 8, and then the program started flight tests for Lunar landing. In 1969, Apollo 11 landed in the Sea of Tranquility of the Moon. That was the start of several trips to the moon, there were a total of six flights to the moon, the last one occurring in 1972. Of all six missions that landed on the moon, there were a total of twelve astronauts that were able to walk on the moon.

Commemorative Keepsake Apollo Series

The Apollo 50th Anniversary keepsake is just one out of two of the Commemorative Apollo Keepsake Series that are 100% Made in America. The Apollo 50th Anniversary keepsake is beautifully designed to commemorate the astronauts that landed on the moon with the year of landing and the 50th anniversary year. The back of this ornament showcases the Apollo mission number and the date of launch. The Apollo Next Giant Leap keepsake shows the Apollo 50th anniversary logo commemorating the Apollo Program. Both keepsakes are metal-etched and handcrafted from solid brass with a frosted silver finish right in Lincoln, Rhode Island. Each piece is individually packaged in an elegant Retail Showcase Window Box.

One of a Kind

These commemorative keepsakes are great for space lovers or history buffs alike. These Apollo pieces mark a significant achievement of lunar landing and space exploration and assist in honoring and celebrating the 50th anniversary. The Apollo Program was just the beginning of space exploration for NASA. It allowed the opportunity to further plan and explore other moons and planets.