United States Mint Brass Keepsakes

Unique gift-giving with the United States Mint has never been easier with the new ornaments they are offering this year. Let’s face it when a special occasion rolls around like a birthday or a holiday we often panic and think “I need to find them something ‘special’ this year.” A special gift can mean different things to different people, but one description we can all agree on is meaningful. This year, the U.S. Mint is offering not one, but two beautifully hand-crafted ornaments made entirely in the U.S.A. With help from Beacon Design, a Rhode Island manufacturer that specializes in creating metal-etched keepsakes, the U.S. Mint created the 2019 United States Mint Ornament and the 2019 Mighty Minters™ Ornament. Before I explain more about the ornaments, let me tell you about the U.S. Mint. Then I think you’ll understand why these would be a special and unique gift for both adults and children.

2019 United States Mint Ornament United States Mint Youth Front Ornament

Who is the Mint?

You know all of those coins at the bottom of your bag that you desperately search for at a toll, drive-through, or vending machine? Well, the U.S. Mint makes those. Back in 1792, Congress passed the Coinage Act, and that is when the first national mint in the U.S. began. So the next time you are holding “change” in your hand, remember you are holding the history, the history of our Nation. As a matter of fact, the Mint is not only responsible for circulating coinage for our nation, it also produces proof, uncirculated, and commemorative coins, Congressional Gold Medals, and silver, gold, and platinum bullion coins. Knowing this, you can probably agree that a special ornament from the U.S. Mint seems like a much more meaningful gift than the usual gift card.

blue and yellow mint seal with weights in middle

2019 U.S. Mint Ornaments

Not just “any” ornaments, they both feature a Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollar! The Kennedy coin on the 2019 United States Mint Ornament is encircled by a traditional green, red, and silver-toned wreath. The reverse side of the half dollar appears on the front of the ornament along with a red banner that says “UNITED STATES MINT” and “2019.” The beautiful, two-toned green leaves and red berries that make up the wreath surround the half dollar and capture the spirit of the season. The Mint is also launching its first 2019 Mighty Minters Ornament. Some of the favorite Mighty Minters are on this ornament – Eli the fox, Layla the peahen, Timothy, and Kendra. The bright and vibrant Mighty Minters Ornament has a blue banner that reads “2019 UNITED STATES MINT” surrounding the Kennedy Uncirculated Half Dollar. The Mighty Minters ornament is fun and youthful-looking but can certainly put a smile on an adult’s face just the same. Both ornaments are made of solid brass and assembled by hand. What makes these keepsakes even more special is the Certificate of Authenticity which has the printed signature of U.S. Mint Director David J. Ryder!

United States Mint Ornament Packaging blue box with ornament inside

Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

The next time you want to give something that is truly unique and special, consider the beautiful hand-crafted U.S. Mint Ornaments – they definitely stand out! Your recipient can enjoy a piece of history and will think of you each time they decorate their tree or see it hanging on their mantel or displayed in their bedroom.  For children, this is much more than a gift. They will learn about family traditions, the history of our Nation, the value of money, and so much more.